Dr. William H. Morris

June 30, 1934 - June 7, 2017
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William Harold Morris, Jr. was born on June 30, 1934, in Gastonia, N.C. and passed away on June 6, 2017. He was preceded in death by his parents, William Harold, Sr., and Margaret Lewis Morris. His brother, Robert, survives.Survivors include his wife of 58 years, Margaret; his three children: Beth Sarros (Nick) of Mt. Zion,Continue Reading

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Adam left a message on July 15, 2023:
Dr. Morris was my doctor as a child. I remember going to him, and he was always funny, warm and comforting. I’ll be 40 this year, and the memories I have of him must be of about 35 years ago. I remember he had two offices at the clinic and sometimes, even though I grew up a Cubs fan, I’d get to see Dr. Morris in his Cincinnati Reds office. I remember him telling me that his son, Hal, played on the Reds. This is what caused my second favorite team to be the Reds. As a sick child, and had a Dr. like Dr. Morris, it felt as if he was saving my life when I felt so terribly sick. He was a super hero to me.
patrea curry left a message on September 27, 2021:
he was the most amazing pediatrician ever with my 2 daughters. Janis and Jamie. he would work you in anytime of day if you needed him. he would stay later if parents needed him.. i will miss his acccent., and his patience. :)
Marlon Bell left a message on March 31, 2021:
Dr. Morris was my childhood Dr, and was good friends with my mother who was a respiratory therapist at St. Margaret's Hospital for almost 60 years. He would always do me and my older brother's physical for school sports and he would talk about his love of baseball. I always wondered what happen to him 40+ years later. So sad to hear of his passing and prayers to his family.
Pamela Armagast left a message on June 6, 2020:
Your shining light never dims when I think of all the fond memories I’ve had of you. It’s still hard to believe that you’re gone. You will always be missed dearly?. Happy heavenly birthday Doc. Love you Always
John R. Dykers, Jr. MD, Davidson Class of 56, UNC Class of 60 left a message on June 12, 2017:
Dear Margaret and children and grandchildren,Bill was a good friend at Davidson and at UNC Med school. We shared school, sports and good patient care. I especially remember that grad school intramural football; he was just tooooooo quick! I really liked your husband, father, grandfather. I hope his death was peaceful. I share sincerely our sadness.
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Tammi Phillips left a message on June 12, 2017:
My family was very sad to learn that Dr. Morris passed away, and we wish to offer our condolences to the Morris family. The impact this man had on our family was life changing.! He was an exceptional human being and a one of a kind Dr. I have never heard of another Dr. taking calls from patients at home. I so appreciate the above and beyond care my family received as his patients. Dr. Morris will be missed by all. May he rest in peace.
Kevin Lenz left a message on June 11, 2017:
Condolences to the Morris family. Dr. Morris was the most exemplary father figure I've ever encountered. He was the consummate professional as our family pediatrician. Always there and available no matter what the crisis, and what your age. He was always there, and as a child you always hoped he was there, and you didnt have to see another physician. Not that the others were bad, but Dr. Morris was the best. I also saw him a outside the Clinic, as a father and fan/support to Hal/Bobby, and was just as personable and caring outside the office. Prayers to the Morris family as they mourn the loss of a great man. I also have the unique opportunity to work with Bobby at Morris Baseball. Every time I see Bobby working with kids to make them better, I can't help see/hear Dr. Morris voice. Dr. Morris is definitely one the role models in my life that I strive to emulate as a teacher / coach. Thank You Dr. Morris and your good work and influence will continue to live on with those thousands you effected. Rest in Peace. To live in the hearts of others is never to die.
Vernon and JoAnn Andreshak left a message on June 11, 2017:
Our children; Michael, Brian, and Laura are blessed to have had Dr. Morris as their Pediatrician. His compassion was evident when Brian needed surgery as a six month old. Dr Morris's caring and concern extened to every part of their lives including warning the boys not to ride the big wheels in the street. I remember him being quick to laugh at Laura's "piece of the moon" response to the eye test. Dr.Morris's caring and compassion stands as an example to all of us.
The Rush family left a message on June 11, 2017:
Will be dearly missed and also was a very great doctor at the Hammond clinic. My prayers go out to the family. R.I.P. DR. MORRIS
Nancy Parkis. Frank and Mark Beyer left a message on June 10, 2017:
Dr Morris was a great man and a wonderful doctor to my sons for many years. He was always there for my sons at any and all times. He will be truly missed. May he RIP God bless him and his family. All my prayers.
Phyllis Spangler left a message on June 10, 2017:
We will always remember the kindness, care and friendship of Bill and the amaizing Morris family. We are blessed by knowing all the young family.
JoAnne Mizwicki left a message on June 9, 2017:
Dr. Morris was the best thing that ever happened to me. He was there for me and my 8 children every step of the way. Even now --I turn to my children and give advice to them regarding their children and his voice resonates in my mind. He was everything a doctor should be- a friend, mentor, confidant. I will always remember the impact he had on my life as a young mother and the lives of my children. God bless this man
Brenda Rodriguez left a message on June 9, 2017:
Our deepest condolences to the family of Dr Morris! He was a wise doctor with the kindest heart. He was instrumental in saving the life of my son who is now 31 years old. By God's design Dr Morris was on call the day our son got sick and Dr Morris immediately called the doctors in Chicago for advice. None of us knew it at the time but my son had an AVM (bleeding in the brain) and the actions of this humble pediatrician were instrumental in saving our sons life. Once my son was finally home months later he was a star in the great doctors office and everyone knew him. RIP Dr're truly loved by our family ‚ù§
Chris and Louise Babbitt left a message on June 9, 2017:
I have a sad spot today in my heart in learning Dr.Morris has passed. He was simply the best. My husband and I will never forget his kindness and patience. My son had reflux and couldn't keep formula down. Dr. Had me calling him at 7:00 a.m. everyday for 2 weeks. Letting him know how my baby did the day before. Not many doctors would take this time. Dr. Morris always seemed to calm me down when baby had me frazzled. He just had that way about him. I very sorry for your family's loss. He was a great man. Heaven has gained a one of a kind angel. R.I.P. Dr. Morris.
Chris and Louise Babbitt left a message on June 9, 2017:
Dr. William Morris
Mark & Sue Kinne left a message on June 9, 2017:
So sorry to hear of Bill's passing. I remember my first day at HC 28 years ago this month. Dr. Morris welcomed me warmly and gave this advice,"Treat people kindly and your practice will grow." I have tried to follow his example since that time. He was truly a great and compassionate doctor and will be missed.
Michele Frostick-Haas left a message on June 9, 2017:
Dr. Morris was just simply wonderful. I remember him well, he was a wonderful pediatrician. We were blessed to have him as our Dr. as we grew up. May God console all of you in your time of need and take comfort in all of the lives Dr. Morris touched and made better.
Carol Scivinsky left a message on June 9, 2017:
Dr. Morris was an excellent doctor! I was very happy that my daughter was able to have him as her doctor during the first years of her life. I was sad when he retired. May he rest in peace.
Sarah (Adams) Baumann left a message on June 9, 2017:
I extend my deepest condolences to Dr. Morris' family, friends, and those who had the good fortune of meeting him. As my pediatrician, he was kind and friendly. He made the experience of going to the doctor comfortable: a feat that is to be commended. And beyond that, he provided outstanding care to me and his other patients. I'll never forget his steady and kind demeanor, or those awesome plaid pants he always wore. God bless, and may he rest in peace.
Michelle Deutch left a message on June 9, 2017:
Dr. Morris was a fabulously caring pediatrician to me from birth to maturity. He was the 1st man I ever knew with a Southern Accent, which made him even more disarming. What a wonderful man, doctor and member of our community! <3
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Rhonda Tripp left a message on June 9, 2017:
Dr. Morris was the most caring, kind, and compassionate man. He treated his patients with such tenderness. Having a big family and two asthmatics that needed frequent visits, we saw 2 doctors. I remember actually the feeling of relief knowing when Dr. Morris was the one we saw. He was truly the Mister Rogers of medicine. I always felt I was being helped by a friend who was truly invested in me. Prayers for his family and friends at this time.
Michele (Maddox) DeGraff left a message on June 9, 2017:
My condolences to Dr Morris's family. Thank you for all the time you sacrificed as a family as Dr Morris gave si freely to his patients and their parents. Dr Morris was my Dr for 32 of his 35 years. He was my brother and my Dr when we were little. He made the wait worth it. You knew that he would spend as much time with you as he did all the others. I would cry if I had to see any of the other Drs. As i turned an adult and had children of my own starting at age 19 he was no longer taking new patients. However he would take on siblings and children of those that were his patients. He was such a kind and compassionate man/Dr. From the calls early in the morning to the letters he would write on ones behalf. My son brought in a a baseball card and asked Dr Morris if Hal would sign it for him and he said sure next time I see him. The next time we came to see Dr Morris he had the autographed card. I cried when my last son was born because Dr Morris had just retired. No one was like Dr Morris. I cant even imagine the reception he received when he entered the pearly gates yesterday. Much gratitude and love Michele (Maddox) DeGraff and family.
RuthMarie Sarros left a message on June 9, 2017:
My deepest sympathies to this wonderful family- Dr. Morris was an amazing person. We never understood why kids were scared of the doctor growing up- we didn't even look at it like going to the doctor- we were going to visit Dr. Morris who was awesome!!! Such an awesome person and a great family. My prayers are with you.
Joan Livingston RN left a message on June 9, 2017:
Dr. Morris was the most compassionate and dedicated physicians I have known. He will be missed. Prayers for the family.
Cheryl Gettig left a message on June 8, 2017:
The family of Gerald Gettig ,was very saddened on the death of Dr. Morris. His love of children and the care the care that he gave my seven children reflected in his true character of a man. He treated his patients as if they were his own family. He answered questions in an unhurried manner and would you to call him with an update of your child's condition. This man truly cared. It is so hard to find a doctor that even comes close to his compassion and sympathy for anyone who was I'll. He felt like a close friend. He gave every situation the utmost effort and never would condescend anyone even in the most simplest of questions. So easy to talk to in his gentle voice and kind approach. Never will find another doctor that compares. Rip loving soul you will be sorely missed. Sincerely and respectfully, Cheryl Gettig
Debbie Sopher left a message on June 8, 2017:
I'm so sorry to hear of Dr. Morris' passing. He was a wonderful pediatrician. I took my daughters to him in the 80's and we all loved him. We always waited a long time while we were there, but he always apologized, you knew he was sincere, and you couldn't be upset. He was just wonderful.
The Watters Family left a message on June 8, 2017:
May Dr. Morris rest in peace. He was a wonderful doctor to our children. I often joked that if he told me to put them in a garbage can, I would do it! Had so much confidence in him.
Jim, Carole, Debra, & Tina Yarovsky left a message on June 8, 2017:
Dear Margaret and Family,Thank you for sharing this wonderful man with us!
Michael left a message on June 8, 2017:
Thank you Dr Morris you was and always was the best Dr there I glad I had you for a Dr you will be very missed just wish I always asked you for the base ball card of your son love you Dr Morris
LEE LEWIS left a message on June 8, 2017:
So sorry to hear that Bill has passed. I had great respect for him. He always went by to see my mom(Frankie) and dad (J. K.) whenever he came to town and still came to visit mom even after daddy passed. My heart is with each and every one of you. Prayers are going up!!
Vyt & Rochelle Lazauskas left a message on June 8, 2017:
Bill was a wonderful friend and neighbor. We always enjoyed his jokes & story-telling, and especially enjoyed our times sitting in the drive-way with him just passing the time of day. He was an exceptional man & we will greatly miss his smiling face. They say there are angels here, on earth. We feel honored to have known one.
Cynthia Mazur Lorentzen left a message on June 8, 2017:
Where do I begin ..many many years ago we had a new Pediatrician in town at that same time my daughter was born with a lung problem and no one knew what to do . Dr. Morris did because he had done his residency at the same Hospital that President Kennedy's baby had died from the same lung problem. He promised us he would do everything he could and she survived!!! I have always been grateful for that .....We went on to be a team as I became a Foster Parent to many sickly and abused children and he cared for all of them with great skill and much compassion!!! When he retired he told me that His lovely wife Margaret had sacrificed so many things for Him and his Practice it was now Her Time. Thank You Dr. Morris for being such a wonderful caring devoted Doctor and Human Being... I send my deepest sympathy to Margaret and Dr. Morris's Family and Friends...May God send you Peace and Comfort as you go through this Challenging Time!!!
Debbie Sinks left a message on June 8, 2017:
Dr. Morris you was a great man! Now God has a new angel! R. I. P
Margaret McNabney left a message on June 8, 2017:
Dr. Morris was truly the kindest, most dedicated, most genuine, and most respectful doctor I have ever known. Once he asked me if it would be OK if he called me at 7 the next morning to check on my son. We were so honored and fortunate to have him as pediatrician for both our children. God bless him! Margaret and Jim McNabney
Olga Miranda and Family left a message on June 8, 2017:
Our condolences to the family of Dr. Morris. He was a kind, sweet, caring man. Our family was lost without him when he retired. I can honestly say we never found a pediatrician as caring as he was.May God give him all the rewards in heaven that he so greatly deserves. God Bless Dr. William Morris
Kish Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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